How to set up custom attributes for my products?

Learn how to properly configure attributes in your Product Catalog in Flieber.

Configuring attributes for your products enables you to look at your data on aggregated levels and filter for it.

The first step involves creating each attribute in Flieber. For this step, you’ll need to go to your product catalog, select a product (or more than one), click on the three-dots button on the right, and click on “Assign Custom Attributes”.

This will open a window where you can assign existent attributes or create new ones. Each attribute has its own values. For example, you can create an attribute called Color and create multiple values such as: Black, Brown, Red, Blue and White.

To create a new attribute, click on “Assign new attribute”, type in the new attribute name, and then type the new attribute values. After you’re finished, click on save.

You can also assign existent attributes to products in bulk by going to “Edit Products”, and adding any attribute value to the products you want. This table works as an Excel table and you can easily filter and use Copy and Paste shortcuts. In the example below, you can see how easy it is to filter products and add attributes in bulk.

Now that you have the attributes associated with the products that you want, you can see their data aggregated and also filter by it.
Navigate to the Sales Forecast page, click on "Group By," and choose the attribute for which you'd like to see the data assembled.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us by clicking on the chat in the lower right corner of Flieber.