How to set up my locations?

Check how to properly configure your locations in Flieber

Configuring your location inside Flieber is a straightforward process.

The first step involves adding a location, where you simply need to fill out the location name, integration, and region.

There are four options for integration:

Manual - Requires manual input in the system.

Google Sheet - The inventory levels of the SKUs will be live connected to a Google Sheet that you can link to your internal controls to automate the process.

Amazon - Flieber will update the information according to the inventory levels on FBA.

Shopify - Flieber will obtain the inventory levels from Shopify.

Once you've filled out the fields, you can add other locations or finish the process.

The second step is to map products to locations. After creating the locations, Flieber needs to understand how the products from each store are fulfilled and stored to calculate your inventory forecast and recommendations.

The only required column in this step is the "Fulfilled From," but you must also add the "Stored At" column in case you have a Storage Warehouse.

TIP: You can use Excel functions such as Copy and Paste to help you fill out the entire column at once.

In the example below, "FBA-US" is the fulfillment location, and "LA Warehouse" is the storage location.

If your location uses the Amazon or Shopify integration, everything is set, and Flieber will automatically sync your inventory data. However, if you choose the manual or Google Sheet integration, you'll need to update the inventory levels of your products.

TIP: If you are using Google Sheet Integration, connect it to your internal control using formulas such as VLOOKUP and IMPORTRANGE, so you don’t need to manually update the values.

After these steps, everything is set, and you can use all the features of the system.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us by clicking on the chat in the lower right corner of Flieber.