How to Edit the ABCD Classification in Flieber?

Check how you can easily edit the parameters of the ABCD classification

We understand that our users do not consider their products to be on the same level. With the ABCD Classification, products can be easily treated differently based on their significance and contribution to key company indicators.

Since each company has its own classification, in Flieber you can easily change it.

On the Forecast Page, you can click to edit the adjustments and then on “Configure ABCD Classification”. The model will open and you will be able to edit the parameters to best suit your needs:

ABCD part1 (2)

Details of each parameter:

Hierarchy Level: Choose how you want to aggregate the data.

  • Company - Products from all your stores will be ranked together.
  • Store - Products will be ranked separately in each store.

Date Type: Select the parameter you would like to consider.

  • Sales
  • Units (Coming Soon)
  • Profit (Coming Soon)

Period: Select the period you want to consider, choosing from your sales history or forecast.

Click on Save to execute the changes. After that, your ABCD Classification will be regenerated based on the new parameters.

(1) Forecast _ Flieber (5)

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us by clicking on the chat in the lower right corner of Flieber.